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We believe that every child possesses the potential for greatness, and it is our solemn duty to nurture, inspire, and guide them on their journey to achieving their dreams. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we create an environment where students not only excel academically but also develop the character, resilience, and creativity needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Jyoti School established in the year 2044 B.S.with 135 students located at Pragatinagar, Syangja Bazaar with a great zeal and enthusiasm, within a short span of time, has became a full fledged secondary school in 2047 B.S. We have established reputation for providing quality teaching and learning opportunity through a welcoming and student friendly environment in whole western Nepal. Due to devoted and motivated staffs the school has been able to place one of its brightest students in the 6th position of S.L.C. examination 2049 B.S. In course of time it was extended up to higher secondary level in 2060 B.S.Our own premises have enough resources and area for basic sport facilities wonderful recreational activity and refreshment services.

Mr Buddhi Sagar Tripathi
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To produce such physically, psychologically and spiritually total human beings, the school will do its best to instill the required skills, information, knowledge and wisdom. This will be accomplished through classroom teaching, discourses, audio/visual presentations, project work and much more.Our school's values are the foundation of everything we do.

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At Jyoti English Secondary Boarding School, our mission is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our students to be lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and compassionate leaders. We are committed to creating a learning environment that values academic excellence, personal growth, and character development, and that promotes honesty, integrity, and self-discipline. We believe that education should be affordable and accessible to all, and we strive to offer a high-quality education that is within reach of every student. Our aim is to empower our students to achieve their full potential and to make a positive impact on their communities and the world by creating a school that values quality education, discipline, character, honesty, affordability, and the best possible learning environment.

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Academic Excellence

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Extracurricular Activities

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Diverse Programs

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The power to shape their own futures through learning, determination, and resilience.

Co-curricular Activities

Games and sports are a part of student life and hence, JESBS carries out sports programs from time to time. Its students regularly take part in district level sports competitions. There are several clubs for co-curricular activities such as spelling club, music club, quiz club, dance club, athletics club, art club eco club etc. Students can choose to be involved in as many clubs as they can.

Curriculum Design

The school's curriculum is based on government curriculum but not limited to/by it. We use extra text books extensively and give something more than the basic curriculum prescribed by the department of Education. This incurs in spending a little more on text books than what students spend in vernacular schools.

Parental Involvement

we believe that a child's education is a collaborative effort between school and home. We highly value the active participation of parents and guardians in their child's academic journey. Here, you will find information and resources to help you stay engaged and informed about your child's education.


It's actually tech education we will be teaching the students. We will use projectors in the conference hall and teach the students about educational apps and how to use them to exploit information. There will be introduction and, to some extent, teaching of skills required for online jobs. This will prepare the students mentally to go for online job market in future. This program will also give cutting edge information on new things emerging on internet.

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Most common question about our services

Student Uniform

1. Regular For Boys (Red trousers, white shirt, black shoes, blue socks, red sweater, red necktie, school belt)- For Girls ( Red skirt/trousers, white shirt, black shoes, red sweater, red necktie, school belt, red ribbons) 2. Tuesday For boys( White trousers, white shirt, white shoes, white socks, blue sweater, blue necktie, school belt) For girls ( white skirt/trousers, white shirt, white shoes, white socks, blue sweater, blue necktie, blue ribbons) 3. Friday (White trousers/skirt, House T-shirt (red/blue/green/yellow), white shoes, white socks, blue sweater, no tie, blue ribbons)

How are the Classrooms ?

The school has 42 classrooms which provide a strong academic grounding to the pupils. Classrooms are technology enabled with two way communication system and cameras. The display boards inside and outside the classrooms are used to appreciate and celebrate children’s original work and creativity.

What Transport Facilities Does School Provides?

To facilitate students to commute to and fro, the school has 3 coaches, all of which are 32-seaters. Transport charges are applicable according to the distance from the school.