• Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The school has two large buildings within school premises. The front building houses the school office, the Principal’s office, the teachers’ hall, store room and some classrooms on the ground floor. On the first floor, it has the hostel, computer lab and class rooms and on the 2nd floor, there are dorms, kitchen, dining hall and the Principal’s residence.

The school has 42 classrooms which provide a strong academic grounding to the pupils. Classrooms are technology enabled with two way communication system and cameras. The display boards inside and outside the classrooms are used to appreciate and celebrate children’s original work and creativity.


To facilitate students to commute to and fro, the school has 3 coaches, all of which are 32-seaters. Transport charges are applicable according to the distance from the school.


Information Technology : There is a Computer Laboratory and all students from classes IV to X use the facility to gain computer literacy. Computer assisted teaching is effectively combined with time-tested teaching practices.


The hostel has a capacity for 100 boarders. The dorms for senior boys, girls and younger kids are on different floors. Food – There are 5 meals served everyday viz breakfast, lunch, snacks at 1.30, refreshments at 5 and supper, the last meal of the day. Meat is provided once a week for non-veg consumers. Health care: The boarders receive care as if they are at their own homes. For minor illnesses, immediate help is available at the school itself. For severe illnesses, medical treatment is availed at the local hospital. In both cases, parents are informed. Clothes: Students must bring their casual dress and bed clothes from their own homes. No jeans are allowed in the hostel.


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