Rules & Regulations

Genral Rules & Regulations

    • All children should come to school clean and tidy in their school uniform.
    • Should be informed about it immediately by a note from the parents or by the guardian of the student. Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. If a student is absent on account of illness or any other valid reason, the principal
    • If a student continues to be absent from the school without a leave note for more than ten working days in succession, his/her name will be struck off from the class register. Students are expected to be present in the school in on the first day of the re-opening of the school.
    • Students are reminded not to apply mehndi on their hands.
    • They should not bring expensive things to school. School will not be held responsible if they losethem.
    • Students are strictly forbidden to bring any electronic gadgets and fluid pen/bottles to school. CD of any type is not allowed without the explicit permission of teacher/principal.
    • Carrying and use of mobile phones is prohibited. If a child is found in possession of the handset, it will be confiscated. Repetition of the act is liable to lead to suspension from the school.